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A fine-tuned V-8 turns out a massive 560 horsepower with the effortless ease of a precision-built performer. A spacious interior with fine details creates an atmosphere of comfortable capability. This is the BMW M6 Gran Coupe – a palatial powerhouse where legendary M engineering meets the luxury of a four-door cruiser.

The signature of M engineering is evident everywhere on this high-performance four-door. From performance components like the optional M Carbon Ceramic Brakes4 to the distinctive blue and red of the badge, the M6 was born for the world of motorsport.

High-pressure injectors inject fuel in 0.27 milliseconds, making it possible to introduce multiple injections of fuel within one single combustion process. An electronic control system adjusts the timing and dose of the injected fuel according to the engine power demand, operating temperature and cylinder pressure, so combustion is precisely controlled, extremely clean, and outstandingly efficient in every driving situation.



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