Image of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

New Range Rover Evoque’s dramatic, confident and sophisticated design is in complete harmony with the simplicity of its intuitive technologies and supreme levels of functionality. Sophistication and space are abundantly apparent in its beautifully appointed interior. Whilst best-in-class off-road capability adds greatly to the composure of your drive.New Range Rover Evoque. Range Rover Evoque redefines a new level of refinement in a vehicle that is so instantly recognisable. Outstanding proportions deliver a dramatic silhouette and stance,truly conveying Range Rover Evoque’s distinctive appearance. The characterful roof line and rising waist are amplified by a strong dynamic attitude, combined with pronounced shoulder and powerful wheel arches

Range Rover Evoque features All Wheel Drive (AWD) to ensure you always enjoy a confident drive both on and off-road. The system intelligently controls torque distribution between the front and rear axle via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. Drive torque is distributed across the front and rear axle to fully utilize the available traction from all four tyres.On slippery surfaces, such as grass and snow, torque can be balanced between the front and rear wheels to maximize traction. In extreme conditions where the front or rear wheels lose traction, up to 100 percent of engine torque can be distributed to the opposite axle for optimum grip. The AWD system combines with Electronic Traction Control (ETC) to deliver sure-footed driving experience in even the most challenging situations.

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