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Mazda CX-7 was launched in year 2006 December by Mazda Motor Corporation and freshened version of it in mid year 2009. The newly facelifted CX-7s design has been enhanced and refined. The front fascia features a fresh five-point lower grille. Chrome garnish added throughout the interior increases the overall impression of dynamism and quality.

Extensive improvements to the engine, transmission, body and chassis have boosted the CX-7s acceleration and handling. In addition to the upgraded sporty driving characteristics, the facelifted CX-7 offers two percent better fuel economy compared to the previous model due to improved engine combustion efficiency. Mazdas engineers also increased body rigidity and reduced engine, road and wind noise, resulting in an improved ride feel and a quieter cabin.

The facelifted CX-7 comes with new eco-friendly features which include a fuel consumption gauge and an eco-lamp that encourage economical driving. Newly added advanced safety equipment, such as Mazdas Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system and Emergency Signal System (ESS), augments safety for the vehicles occupants.

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A larger five-point grille and fog light bezels create a bold and powerful impression. Chrome trim around each aperture adds to the high-quality presentation. A new front bumper also improves aerodynamics and safety.

Newly designed 18-inch aluminum wheels heighten the dynamic and quality impression.The redesigned rear bumper evokes a more sporty and powerful CX-7.

Four exterior body colors are available: Radiant Ebony Mica, Galaxy Grey Mica, Crystal White Pearl Mica and Brilliant Black. (Note: When Crystal White Pearl Mica is selected, the price increases by 31,500 yen, including sales tax).


A new center panel made from matt black plastic with metallic trim on each side adds a heightened quality feel. Newly designed blackout meters. The stylish and high quality meter design has easy-to-read dials, white needles and blue ring illumination.

The center steering wheel spoke and the air conditioner vent bezels and center knobs have chrome garnish for a premium impression. Soft-touch materials are used on the door armrests (available for both model grades) and the center floor console lid (only for the CX-7 Cruising Package).

The base model CX-7 has sporty black fabric seat covers. The CX-7 Cruising Package offers luxurious black leather upholstery.

Equipment and functionality: comfort and quality

Both model grades feature a multi-information display (MID). It provides information to support economical driving such as average and current fuel economy, average speed and potential driving range, as well as maintenance information including a reminder of when to change the engine oil. The display also shows images from the side and rear cameras, aiding safe and worry-free driving.

All model grades feature an auto-light system (which automatically switches on the vehicle headlights according to ambient light conditions), rain-sensing wipers and Mazdas advanced keyless entry and engine start system for added convenience.

To ensure a comfortable driving position, all versions come with a telescoping steering wheel. The CX-7 Cruising Package also features a three-person memory function for the drivers side seat and a passenger side power-adjustable seat. New convenient features include a multi-tray storage compartment inside the center floor console and drink holders for rear seat passengers.

The previously standard navigation system is now offered as a dealer-installed option, giving customers greater freedom of choice. (The side and rear camera system which comes as standard is now integrated with the MID )


The MZR 2.3L DISI Turbo engine that powers both model grades has been updated with revised combustion chamber shapes and fuel injection timing which enhance fuel economy without degrading responsiveness. Additionally, the turbo supercharging pressure is optimized to improve response and provide smoother acceleration.

The six-speed automatic transmission (with Activematic manual mode) has a revised shift pattern and a more effective slip lock-up control. Increased engine combustion efficiency and reduced friction result in a two-percent improvement in fuel economy (FWD grades: 9.3 km/L, 4WD grades: 9.1 km/L).

Reinforced door apertures and rear wheel housings increase torsional rigidity by five percent. As a result, the ride is more stable, comfortable and quieter. Retuned suspension springs and dampers provide a more linear ride.

In addition to the increased body rigidity, added sound insulating materials on the chassis and around the engine bay, in tandem with measures to reduce wind noise, have resulted in an extremely quiet cabin.

Eco-friendly and safety features

An eco-lamp on the dashboard illuminates when driving parameters, such as the force put on the accelerator pedal and vehicle speed, are efficient. The multi-information display (MID) shows data such as average and current fuel economy to encourage a driving style that is economical and eco-friendly.

All model grades are equipped with the Emergency Signal System (ESS). If the driver performs an emergency brake from speeds over 50 kilometers per hour, the hazard lights flash rapidly to alert drivers in following vehicles.

The CX-7 Cruising Package is newly equipped with Mazdas Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system. At speeds over 60 kilometers per hour, the system detects vehicles in adjacent lanes approaching from behind and alerts the driver via an indicator light embedded in the surface of the door mirrors.

SRS curtain and front side airbags are standard equipment on all model grades. All model grades feature a single-nanocatalyst that cuts precious metal usage by over 70 percent while ensuring first-rate purification of exhaust gases, limiting the consumption of rare natural resources.