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Mercedes Benz E Class

The Mercedes Benz E Class is the mid-range model in the Mercedes line-up, slotting in between the C Class and S Class. The E Class is also Mercedes Benz’ best selling model to date, having been in production since 1953. The current (Fifth Generation; W213) E Class which has been in production since 2016 introduced a new stylish and sporty exterior design as well as number of technical innovations that enable comfortable and safe driving.

A variety of engine options are available with the Mercedes Benz E Class (W213). These are:

Model Engine Configuration Peak Power / Peak Torque Acceleration, 0-100km/h
Mercedes Benz E200 2000cc turbocharged petrol I-4 181 bhp / 300 Nm 7.7 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E200d 2000cc turbocharged diesel I-4 148 bhp / 360 Nm 8.4 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E220d 2000cc turbocharged diesel I-4 191 bhp / 400 Nm 7.3 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E250 2000cc turbocharged petrol I-4 208 bhp / 350 Nm 6.9 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E300 2000cc turbocharged petrol I-4 242 bhp / 370 Nm 6.3 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E300d 2000cc turbocharged diesel I-4 242 bhp / 500 Nm 6.5 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E350e 2000cc turbocharged petrol I-4 282 bhp / 550 Nm 6.2 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E350d 3000cc turbocharged diesel V6 254 bhp / 600 Nm 5.9 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E350d (2018-) 3000cc turbocharged diesel I6 282 bhp / 600 Nm 5.7 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E400 3000cc turbocharged V6 328 bhp / 480 Nm 5.2 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E400d 3000cc turbocharged I6 335 bhp / 700 Nm 5.1 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E450 3000cc turbocharged V6 362 bhp / 500 Nm 5.2 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E43 AMG 3000cc turbocharged V6 396 bhp / 521 Nm 4.6 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E53 AMG 3000cc turbocharged V6 + 48V Electric Motor 451 bhp / 520 Nm 4.5 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 4000cc turbocharged V8 571 bhp / 750 Nm 3.5 Seconds
Mercedes Benz E63 S AMG 4000cc turbocharged V8 612 bhp / 850 Nm 3.4 Seconds

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