I have Imported a Car from Japan to Kenya- Is it Safe at the Port of Mombasa?

Is My Car Safe at the Port of Mombasa as it awaits Clearing?

This is one of the most common questions we get from clients who import cars from Japan to Kenya through us.

And it is a valid one. That is why we have decided to answer it comprehensively.

If you import a car through us, you can be sure that your car is safe at the port. This is why:

When cars arrive at port of Mombasa, they are offloaded and taken to respective terminals. At Autoassista we nominate all our cars to the Mitchell Cotts Terminal (MT2).

This is a secure warehouse within the port; in fact, it is located a few hundred meters from the shipping dock.

Port terminal in Mombasa for Import cars

The Mitchell Cotts MT2 Terminal at the Port of Mombasa

We use MT2 because:

– As it is inside the port your car will not be driven for long distances after arrival; this minimizes the risk of theft or vandalism

-It is a secure warehouse manned by CCTV cameras

– Your car will be indoors- and therefore will not be affected by weather elements such as rain, sun or dust

– Because we nominate this terminal specifically, we enjoy 45 days of free storage. This means that even in cases of unexpected delays you are unlikely to incur demurrage charges. Cars that are not nominated to any terminal have only a 3 day free facility.

Cars Imported from Japan to Kenya

Cars Inside the Mitchell Cotts Warehouse

As seen above, you have no reason to worry about your car’s safety while at the port of Mombasa- well, as long as you import with Autoassista! We can’t speak for the other guys!

Let us help you find the right car for you!